Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Missing In Action

Have been missing in action for over two weeks now and i know everyone is waiting with bated breathe and in withdrawal because they are not getting their fix of my pearls of wisdom.... for that i apologize profusely.
Just to give you a recap i was in Munich, Germany and Lonato, Italy for two world cups one being Air Rifle/Pistol (Munich) and Shotgun (Lonato). And all i can say is "what a world of difference".... Even though they are both shooting events really it is a joke how different everything is and when i say everything i mean everything.... even the grass is greener in the shot gun world.
I want to do full justice to this topic so am going to write a long one later on in the day or maybe tomorrow, since it is my first day in the office for a month i have to sign a million papers.
So more on this topic later....

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kamesh said...

Manisha, we are all anxiously waiting to read your observations and experiences from the Munich and Lonato World Cups! You seem to be still busy signing a 1000 papers. Cheers, Kamesh