Monday, July 9, 2007

Archery world Championships II

Yesterday the women were in action, the results were not as good as we expected but still in a good position for the Olympic berth.
The three women had a mixed bag of results with Bombayla and chekrovolu shooting their career best scores with 1312 and 1330 respectively. Dola Banerjee who is India's best shooter had a disappointing outing shooting a lowly 1290. This ended us up in 12spot as a team. So now the 16 top teams will slug it out in match format with the top 8 qualifying for the Olympics. So the format is a simple one with number 1 playing number 16, 2 vs 15 etc. India is playing against either Great Britain or Russia (who are tied) which is a great match up since we have beaten both teams in the recent past.
The Olympic rounds are where all the talent and skill doesn't really matter and its only how big a heart you have that really matters.
Korea dominated the womens (not a surprise) which ended up well ahead of every one else. Our girls still have a ways to go to catch up to the koreans, their top two shooters shot 1385 and 1360. I think archery has come a long way and now we need to take steps to take it to the next level.
Today the men are in action and typically we have posted better results in the Men. My guess is they should finish between 4-7 which should position them well for the Olympic round.
More on that later on in the day....


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Manisha Malhotra said...

Thank You... today is individual elimination so i hope they do well...

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