Monday, September 10, 2007

Monkey see... Monkey do??

Just read lately how China had sent a delegation down here to get some insights and hire people for get this kabaddi... yeah its not a typo... Kabaddi...
China is going to be hosting the next Asian Games and for them the 200 odd gold medals they win is just not enough... they want one more...
That shows the level of commitment they have to sports and more importantly to winning no matter what the discipline is. Its interesting to see one of the best in the world aspire to get that much better and really leave their mark in every facet of the word sport.
It should be a huge eye opener for our government, associations and public to get their acts together and really get going. I am hoping we don't just hand over the little edge we do have in kabaddi since when we want something from China it is really a closed market. Hopefully we will bargain hard and be able to get something out of it but that too is doubtful.
The question is what will it take for us to really raise the bar in every sports discipline in the country???
The money isn't the problem, the problem is we don't have people really grooming champions from very young ages because the belief is just not there. We don't believe we can win and until that is instilled there really isn't going to be a culture of winning. Anyway the time is now and hopefully we can stop the petty fights and join hands and get our acts together.

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