Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Boxing has dominated the news (at least on the MCT front ) in the last couple days... the boxers have returned after a good performance at the world championships and have returned heroes. the media again have gone after the federation and it was supposedly brought up in parliament that they were transported in a shabby van from the airport to their hotel. 
R U SERIOUS!!! i am now at least convinced that they don't have better things to talk about in parliament... the truth is that our sportspeople are not treated well but that doesn't encompass one van ride from the airport to the hotel which is maybe 15 mins. 
if they want to make a difference why don't they upgrade the facilities that the athletes live in, the poor quality of food that they are fed and the sub standard quality of life they have in the various camps. They really don't care if they ride in a mercedes or tata indica, what they really want is to be able to live in a nice, clean place that will actually make them a whole lot healthier. 


goooooood girl said...

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Prashanth said...

Recently, Govt of india has announced 100 Cr(or 500 Cr) to develop talent to winning medals in the delhi commonwealth games. I believe the govt doesnt want any private players to spoil shares (if India performs well at the games!!) with any private patrons like MCT. The govt feels its pride is hurt as a result of media backlash as a fall out of olympic games. So govt has decided to take onus on itself and so foolishly believes that by announcing such an amount they will be able to win all laurels. They come out in the blue and ask for nationally appointed coaches to train 80-100 athletes in the respective disciplines. Most sportsmen know that there is no quality bench strength in Indian context! God save this country. I hope the govt gets sensible and instead of looking at MCT as competition, they should look at them as their extended arms and work in the best interest of the countries sports!