Monday, January 22, 2007

Attitude: A Small thing that makes a BIG difference

Athletes for a long time have had to do things deemed "impossible" in order to go out there and succeed. It is this ability that differentiates the great ones from the rest. It is this same quality that we need to instill in our guys.
Indians from time immemorial have lacked this thought process. From a young age our coaches don't teach us to over achieve and set targets that will be attainable and hence make everyone look good. However it is this exact reason why we have not been the best.
Ask anyone ten years ago if India would have been leaders in the IT world and they would have said "Nah, Impossible", however we have proved them wrong. That is what we now need to apply to the athletic world.
From a young age we need to groom champions. We should not be aiming to win the national championship, or set a national record. Instead we need to be aiming to win the world championship and set a world record, doing this all the records we wanted will come on the way.
No matter how great an opportunity we provide for our kids if we don't change the way they think it will be an uphill task.
We just need one guy/girl to win, this will give a billion others the biggest belief of them all... that it is "possible".


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