Friday, March 23, 2007

Changing the face of Indian Sport

The Mittal Champions Trust was set up just over a year ago by Mr. Lakshmi Niwas Mittal. The goal is simple bring India Oympic glory. Simple? Think again. The Trust was set up due to the efforts and urging of Mr. Amit Bhatia (who also happens to be Mr. Mittal's son-in law). Being an athlete himself and an avid sports fan he wanted to do something that would help his country and give back to sport in general.We now support 7 disciplines and over 35 athletes. The selection process has been made following a simple model. We have taken some already established athletes who deserve support for all their hardwork and some promising juniours whom we are grooming for the future. The trust has a long term outlook and is aiming at the 2012 London Olympic Games as our target.We have adopted sports and athletes that we believe India is closest to succeed. Grooming an athlete is not an easy task. We take care of every aspect of our kids that will be necessary for them to achieve success. Their coaching, equipment, travel, nutrition, mental strength, fitness and medical support. We also stand by our kids morally and this gives them a sense of security that they never before had.We are doing something that has never been done and are confident that by taking "the road less traveled" we are going to get India to the top of the Olympic podium.


Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha,

Well the Indian Army started with similiar initiative about 2 years before you under the Mission Olympics Wing. Results are hard to come by as yet,despite spending 65 crores of GOI funds to promote OLYMPIC Medal winners, what you donot need is the MONEY but what you NEED in this country is a strong sporting base. Level of competition in India needs to be so strong and fierce that only the fittest and the best can survive and then you will find the true Olympic Medal winner.
Meanwhile continue shooting in the dark and investing in same old flogged horses, who now have another trust to bank upon for their summer holidays in Europe and Winter ones in Australia.........

Lizina said...

Interesting to know.