Friday, March 23, 2007

Happiness is all about looking in the right place

I am sure today could be constituted as one of the darkest days in the country's sports history.... India suffered a crushing defeat to Sri Lanka which in most probability has ended their world cup campaign. So while 99.9% of the population is mourning the loss there are a few of us who are looking at the positive side of things. Because while the whole country will only be ruing the loss, we are focussing on the other bright spots.
For starters Mr. Ronjan Sodhi (double trap shooter) has won a bronze medal in the Santo Domingo World Cup. Well of course no one knows about it and of course most of the people don't care but it is a big deal. He even managed to get a mention in the paper which during the world cup madness might be a even bigger feat. Anyway for those of you who don't have any idea Ronjan is the India's up and coming shooter and shoots the same event as Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (whom i hope you know... and if you don't he is the Olympic Silver medalist). It is a good start to the season and should give ronjan some confidence in his bid to qualify for the Olympics.
Well now that the cricket is over i think it is time for the country to check out the rest of the happenings in the sporting world. Well there is the boxing nationals in Hyderabad, and if one is in the mood to see people knocking each other's lights out then Gachibowli stadium is the place to be. It is a strong field and some of the best pugilists are in action. Then there is also our No. 1 squash lady, Joshana Chinappa who is in action in France against Jenny Wright (WAL). There are a slew of other athletes all starting to get ready for the Olympics and the Qualifiers that they will need to go through. These guys face a tall task and little support from the homeland could take them a long way.....

Now that the cricket is out of the way lets start our campaign for that little event next year.... the 2008 Beijing Games..... OOOH AAAH INDIA!!!!

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sukhwant said...

The best bit about the cricket monkeys losing is that the song and dance of cricket journalists will also be contained.
Envision this:
Newspaper proprietors one day wake up to find that they have actually been conned for long by their sports editors who need cricket as all other sport requires attentive reporters. Cricket is the only laze that meanders along for hours and hours allowing all decent self-respecting journalists to get drunk out of their minds before they even consider writing. Then, for all you know there is no result worth the write -- especially in not so Testing situations -- so everybody is happy peddling gyan in the name of reporting. The ones who cover cricket seriously need not be taken seriously. They haven’t figured the basics – a ten-nation sport is a joke; it does not merit serious attention. Anyway, so the proprietors banish cricket reporting to its rightful place -- the briefs column alongwith the other chaddi-baniyan items like the number of chaddis that Tendulkar took to the WC to counter his perennial wedgy situation and the kind of baniyans Yuvraj likes to wear to hide his flabby middle and shabby muscle tone.
Suddenly there was a crisis in Indian sports journalism as very few reporters actually knew that other sport existed. Like animals let out of a zoo they were lost in the real world.
This scenario will be further developed by Kamesh who should have long ago replaced sad acts like Shekhar Suman with his own classy one.