Tuesday, August 12, 2008


yesterday was such a phenomenal day and really changed everything for our camp at the village... the pressure was definitely mounting on the athletes and there was this mopey attitude of "still no medal"
Even I who is usually very positive was highly disappointed by our women archers who had lost narrowly in the team competition and that all flew out of the window at 12pm 11th of August....
Euphoric is definitely and understatement... it was something that no one has ever felt before and to see the Indian flag at an Olympics made all in the hall weak in the knees (and i am not just using a cliche....)
I really can't explain the feeling... I was thrilled beyond bits... didn't sleep the night before because i was too nervous...didn't sleep last night since i was too excited.... so couldn't even eat, sleep let alone type.... sorry for the late post!!!!!!!!!!!

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