Friday, August 22, 2008

taking stock

ok so now the roller coaster ride also called the Olympics are drawing to an end (well for me they are already done) so it is time to get things back to normal... am on my way back to india as we speak and now am excited and scared and every other emotion because we have to keep improving and also start over in so many things. I have been so emotionally up and down and am looking forward to a much needed break (which is in 3 weeks) where i will actually have time to sit down and think... in the meanwhile i am proud of what we have been able to do over the past couple of years and now have to strive to get better... my athletes are also now believing in us and our systems and i am looking forward to them actually giving back and helping me out. The mittal champions trust has actually become something much bigger and now has a huge "fan" base of people willing to lend support and help so am happy that we can achieve a whole lot more and am aiming at least 7-10 medals at the next games :)


Preeti Parthasarathy said...

Again Manisha, Congratulations to a job well done! MCT cannot be thanked enough for its wonderful work so far. I am already looking forward to London 2012 which I plan to attend in person...I will call you next weekend to discuss more on how we can help take this to the next level. Bindra, Sushil and Vijender have started what is going to be a new wave in our country and there is no doubt that it will only get better! Have a safe flight back to India...
Preeti :o)

sen said...

Eagerly waiting to hear about the future plans of MCT.