Thursday, September 18, 2008


So have been really really really busy in the last couple of weeks actually getting things started again... for starters Saina has won yet another tournament this one was even bigger than the Philippines open that she won so we are really proud of her and now the goal is to make sure she keeps improving we keep moving forward.
my goal for the next couple of months now is to actually have a good group of juniors in place and have not really done that till now because i have never had a precedent to follow and was not sure whether we were going in the right direction or not and didn't want to waste money but now i have a lot of clarity in at least the sports we have been involved with in the last couple of years and so it is just a matter of putting plans in place.
we are presently trying out 20 young archers in bangalore and hopefully will get a couple of good ones coming out of that. i would like to have the same process in all the other sports while adding more sports to the charter so in the process of doing the research. Any suggestions and tips will be welcome since the more people helping the better.


sen said...

Many of our sports person have started winning abroad sania , sourav etc.I was wondering whether coaches based in india really help them at this level.Iam talking about coaching a sportsperson who is at the top 10 ranking of the world in any sport.

For example vijendra kumar is one of the best in boxing in his weight category, but how much more can he learn from his coach in bhiwani??.Like the sportsperson, shouldn't the coaches also be updating and improving themselves to keep up with the raising star.Shouldn't we be helping out our coaches also to learn and improve??.

In badminton chinese seem to be a cut apart, what is there secret?.what is there coaching system.Like the way the chinese sent a coaching team to learn kabbadi from us.shouldn't we be sending a coaching team to learn better coaching techniques from the chinese?.

I don't know fully about,what the coaches in india do, or how things work.Just my random thoughts, basically my suggestion is that we should develop the coaches and coaching system in india as much as the players.

Manisha Malhotra said...

i agree the indian coaches don't have the same knowledge that the foreign counterparts have. at the trust we hire indian coaches also to learn from all the foreign experts but we need to do more and actually upgrade all the coaches. unfortunately we don't have a lot of top level atheletes so all try to grab the few we have.

Femin Susan said...

at first I was marveled to see such a blog.I wish I had a blog like where you able to cope such a me at

Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation

iamhonored said...

i believe "being a top level athlete" is not a necessity for a coach. anyone can be a coach provided he understands the game and the role of a coach. We need programs that develop coaches to think in a structured manner who can manage and nurture talent at the junior level. The problem with the existing bunch of coaches at the junior level and in pockets outside the cities is their education and exposure. Also, i do think that there are enough resources who are passionate to excel as coaches at the grassroute level. If suitable program can be designed to identify and train coaches and give exposure, the future is bright.

manisha, I am trying to reach you. I have certain things to share. i had written a mail to you.

Manisha Malhotra said...

dear prashanth,
i agree a coach needn't have been a top level player but more importantly has good communication and observation skills... i have been busy this week but you can reach me at my office this week. the details on website

SK said...

Dear Ms. Manish Malhotra,

I have only one word 'Wow'. Exactly the same what I was dreaming for building Indian sports. Please please carry on with your work.

Are you in touch with Mr. Baskaran, Former Indian Hockey Captain from Tamil Nadu. Because yesterday I saw him in television and conveying some message about Federation for sports in Tamil Nadu. If you are not in touch, Please get in touch with him.

How are you planning to give idea to others about sports? Because sports are well addressed in cities and towns. But even we have good players in vilages who are unaware of all these existing facilities. Do you have some idea to reach them ? Atleast not immediately but in sequence of time.

If you need any kind of help, please do post here. I will talk with some of my friends to see how we can help to develop it further from our side.

Thank you.
Best wishes.

Preeti Parthasarathy said...

Dear Manisha,

I have been trying to get in touch with you (via email and phone). Just tried both your Mumbai phone numbers listed on the MCT website and did not get through. I would like to connect with you ASAP to discuss sending athletes to the US for training. Please let me know how to get in touch with you by emailing me at:

Preeti :o)