Saturday, September 6, 2008

the road ahead....

my schedule is finally slowing down...was on a 4 day holiday and then had to zip to london to discuss the next steps with Mr. Mittal and family so a post has been long overdue.
Anyway things are looking great in terms of what we have achieved so far but now the bar has been raised for London and am excited at the challenge. 
The key for the next couple of months is getting a good group of athletes and a bigger pool. So there are a few core sports as of right now like shooting, archery and boxing and we need to expand those and try and reach out to as many people as possible. Am going to also go down to the grassroot level and help fund those which should create a good cycle of athletes in a few years. 
It is also imperative that we now reach out to the the other sports where we are not so good and start grooming people for the future. They might not be ready for the London Games but maybe the next ones after that. However it is important for the overall quality of sport in the country and hence am going to be looking into that. 
The sport i am eager to help because i don't believe we are far off is athletics because i feel like there are certain events we can do very well in and it is just a matter of getting the right training. So that is going to be my immediate project.
The archery program has already started with our korean coach having a month long trial for finally selecting the group. It is being held at the Jain School in bangalore which has some of the best facilities in the country. 


iamhonored said...

hi manisha,
What you have done for the country is fantastic!! Keep your blogs going!

Harrsha said...

Hi Manisha...
how ru???
Very nice to come across you blog...Great work...Good luck.
Keep your thoughts on here regularly..

Anonymous said...

Felt bad after reading this article on Eklavya Archery Academy

JD land ! said...

Hi Manisha !

Glad to find you here. I am sure you wont remember me but i met you once at your home sometime in august 2006. Me and bunch of my friends wanted to start something for our athletes participating in olympics.