Monday, September 22, 2008

the young ones beckon....

All the associations are going to be flushed with the funds now with over 700cr being allocated to "prepare"athletes for the commonwealth games... how much of that is really going to make it to the athletes in a timely fashion remains to be seen but it is an enormous amount that could actually (if used correctly) be stretched to the next olympics, i somehow doubt that... regardless this gives us a good opportunity to actually help out the young kids and really get good systems in place so that we have a cycle in place to constantly replace the older ones...
The other heartening thing is that our athletes are so touched by all our support that they are eager to give back in any way they can and so I am going to have akhil scout and find out some young and talented boxers and ofcourse abhinav is eager and ready to help out shooting. So for the first time we can actually groom right from the bottom.... actually "creating" champions right from the ground up is something that i have long tried to achieve and since i am now able to do it with such a great group of people nothing could be better.


sen said...

I thought the whole financial stuff was going to be transparent (heard that the account details will be kept online etc).Is it not so?.

Great to know that akhil and abinav are doing there part...

Anonymous said...

Best-Wishes !!!

prashanth said...

the best way to get talents bottoms up is to do the scouting by visiting the annual district/divisional sports....there is tremendous talent available in this space but it ends there becoz the athletes here have no vision/goal/future but have plenty of talent..
i had proposed a structured plan to you in our discussion last week. i still feel that scouting talent in an unstructured manner as you have said in this post is not a long term thought though its a good start. You need an institution that can generate talent on a periodic basis. I suggest you think on the lines of piloting such an institution and then scaling it up. This will ensure you will have a regular supply.
Also another point that has been raked up is how indians perform exceedingly well at a junior level and fail in the seniors category. Though i can vouch for the fact that "Overage" participants are definitely the key,
another key reason (that you can address) could be considerable lack of exposure to these athletes on a larger platform. For starters you can fund the divisional/zonal athletes winners to the delhi/mumbai/chennai marathon. i know a couple of these winners in the non-urban zones, who have not even heard of these marathon events but are winners in marathons in their respective zones. That to me is unfortunate. Nevertheless, what MCT is doing is fantastic, i hope this can carry forward and expand quickly.

prashanth said...
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prashanth said...

any clue on whats happening at antalya, turkey! junior world archery championships are on...i guess the qualification rounds starts tomorrow!!

LifEfoRTriCoLor said...

hi manisha
happy diwali first of all.
hey we all are fighting against the system whether as sportsperson or as a student or as a common feels really good when we see people like Abhinav bindra come forward to support us in this battle. its quite inspiring for all of us who wanna work for the betterment of the nation.

Anonymous said...

I am writting my blog on sports management issues and also hihghlihting Indian achievers on global sports marketing scenario.

I was researching info on Amit Bhatia and his work with QPR and stumbled upon the mittal trust.

I must say thats great work , well done. So is there any career plan in store for the grassroot athletes that you scout????

Many years back I had developed a 10 year plan for AIFF ( I know many ppl have done this) but mine was rather unique as it was on terms of the mittal trust.

Similar model to what you are doing with the Mittals.

Any chances of me discussing it with you lot????? Some boost for the Indian football fans and considering Mr Mittal has invested heavily in football in ukraine and now a share holder in QPR , maybe we can revive the plan I had and set football taklent in the right direction.

what say????

Is Globosport involved in tracing a career plan for the youngsters you choose????

call me on +447894550052 or mail me at

Hope to hear from you soon. cheers!!!!